Jerusalem transforms continuously. Historic buildings change use, are renovated. Disappear.  The Voices in the Walls is an ongoing project by artists Julia Aronson and Batnadiv HaKarmi that calls attention to the physical fabric of this city, to how the very walls of the buildings embody and hold its variegated history. So far, the artist have explored Beit Alliance (2017) and the abandoned Eitz Haim Talmud Torah (2018). 
The current project centers on the building of the HaMiffal.
This blog follows the development of the interactive historic mural in the Miffal, Jerusalem. 

בלוג העוקב אחרי ההתפתחות של יצירת עבודת קיר אינטראקטיבית ב"מפעל", ירושלים